Get Rid of Termites With A Pest Control Service

The United States is always facing an invisible enemy lurking in the cracks and walls that can do massive damage in no time! These little invaders are just tiny termites. Their sizable size gives a misconception about how much clutter they can add to any home or property. To   get more information about pest control service you may click here

Get Rid of Termites With A Pest Control Service

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Their combined attack was more than a coincidence for ordinary humans. Pest control services are an absolute must when dealing with termite problems.

Some Deadly Facts About Termites:

  • Termites share the earth with dinosaurs. You've been around for so long. Dinosaurs are extinct, not termites!
  • Termites have wings that are released when they decide to build a nest.
  • Termites usually congregate in the hundreds and thousands; even millions. Their colony raises children together.
  • When you have classified all the termites on Earth, you will find that they weigh more than all human termites put together.
  • The United States faces $ 2 billion annually in termite damage.
  • Termites eat all day, all night – all year long! You feed and feed.
  • They lay eggs every 15 seconds and have a lifespan of 15 years.
  • You have the option of destroying the entire house if it is managed for free for two to three years.
  • In one example, termite mounds were built at 42 feet!

Termites recycle wood to return it to the soil and complete the food chain. They are good as long as they live in deep forests and work on rotting stumps. Problems occur when they enter the residential building.

Only professionals know what to do and how to do it. If you suspect a termite invasion, it's time to pick up the phone book and contact a reputable company.