Legalize Drugs Now They Demand!

Many people want to legalize drugs to get rid of the horrific problem drugs create in our society. Some people wish to legalize marijuana for medical purposes although those areas, which have tried this have ended up with drug clubs and semi-legal underground of drug use emerging.

Others want to legalize all drugs including crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, and opium, which seems to many to be completely out of the question. One recent drug user came to an online think tank demanding that drugs be legalized and came prepared to back up his suggestion as he stated:

“I have studied drug use and addiction and it seems obvious that the biggest problem with drugs is not their effects but the black market surrounding them. The association of various illicit drugs with crime and related social problems is largely due to the black market, and yes there are fewer problems in places where these drugs are legal.

If these drugs were made legal they could be controlled better and there would be fewer accidental overdoses, and fewer consequences for the user and everyone else when addiction occurs.”

Of course in a think tank you can imagine that such a statement would not go unchallenged and it did not as another fellow think tank member confronted the anonymous posting of the drug user with this following statement:

“I see you have studied drug use and used drugs yourself and now wish to tell us of your experiences and you wish to convince us to legalize drugs? Although we see in many cities that there are constantly increases of those who need help to get off drugs and new forms of old drugs which are 10 times the potency.

Thus killing your body and your brain ten times faster or even on the first shot. Yet you want all this available to anyone with an inclination to try them? I see, interesting indeed.”