Why the Importance of Recycling Unused and Reclaimed Building Materials?

Recycling of building materials is extremely vital for our planet. We all know that recycling deals with reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and generating new items out of different, less valuable substances. Construction materials are major contributors to landfills, but they can be renovated into something else, saving the environment. Reclaiming these reclaimed building materials can help win-win situations for builders and customers alike.

The building materials such as bricks, wood, and other materials get damaged and abandoned when they get broken. Many organizations find it cumbersome to collect these un-used and reclaimed building materials and re-try them for making good use of the clients. These materials help in making new and strong buildings and ideas and provide a lot of benefits to the people. They assist in recycling the environment and decrease the amount of junk present at the earth's surface. By reusing these un-used or reclaimed building materials, it compensates the damage caused to the world by builders.

Avenues to address the concern 

1. Material salvage through deconstruction

Material salvage through deconstruction is one way of meeting the increasing demand and challenge for salvaging and recycling reclaimed and unused building materials. As we all know, we are living in a world where we need to be vigilant on our actions and start paying careful attention to how we contribute to environmental devastation. Our actions need to be sustainable and must start at home.

Salvage means to rescue something in danger of being lost. It is an essential need for all humans to salvage material and reuse them with the entity of what we call survival. A lot of houses and old buildings or establishments that are torn down or abandoned with time leftovers unused and unclaimed building  materials.

2. Work with suppliers on buy back of unused building materials

The cost of construction is increasing as well as many other expenditures such as transportation, power and labor to name a few. It is time we give our wallets a break and start to use reclaimed and recycled building materials which can help us reduce waste and save money.

With climate change being a major issue, the importance of recycling is being projected on the media. What most people don’t know is that many companies are now involved in sourcing reclaimed materials, which are also known as recycled building materials. These are sold to Building Material Suppliers, wholesalers or retailers at reduced prices.

3. Work with Reuse Organizations

There are a variety of organizations that focus on the re-use and recycling of building materials. A recent article from Yahoo Real Estate , highlights how many of these nonprofits or donations organizations have a financial need for these materials in order to continue their mission, which is to promote the reuse and recycling of unused building materials.

Reuse organizations are nonprofits that accept donated building materials, appliances, office supplies, and furniture. As a business or individual you can make contributions of reusable items to these organizations, saving you the cost of disposal.

4. Donate to Habitat for Humanity

Building a new home is an expensive project. Many Habitat for Humanity chapters depend on donations of homeowners and contractors who would otherwise discard the materials to create the newest house in their development.

Materials that are left over after a buildings demolition are often considered garbage, but not at Habitat for Humanity Companies. Reclaiming materials from these projects are important to the organization because it allows them to recycle and reuse materials which eventually goes back into fighting poverty through home building projects. Recycling these items provides an ecofriendly solution instead of sending these items off as garbage.

5. Find an online listing service to promote your unused and reclaimed materials.

There are many programs and services which help people find businesses and stores which buy and resell used and reclaimed building materials. These services list ads for free and take a small fee from the seller for each ad (accompanied with a large photo) which they post. These programs are also essential to those who plan on selling reclaimed materials online, as they attract nationwide viewing of materials, thus increasing potential buyers immensely.

If you own a construction, remodeling or demolition business, you know that you will often leave material from each job. You may have hoped to sell this material at some point, but it may still be sitting in a warehouse somewhere, unused and forgotten.