What Is The Lawsuit Against Zantac?

Several lawsuits are currently pending against Zantac and its generics. According to an article published in the Sun-Sentinel, 141 plaintiffs currently involved in mass crimes against Zantac have submitted their case to a West Palm Beach-based federal judge.

Plaintiffs in ranitidine tumor litigation can file multiple complaints against the companies they sue. These complaints can include:

Cancer Lawsuits Filed Against Zantac (Ranitidine)

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  • The defendant should test the drug in more detail before placing it on the market
  • The defendant has thus exposed the plaintiff to an unreasonable risk of injury, in particular the risk of developing cancer.
  • Exposure to the potentially carcinogenic compounds in Zantac (and its generic form ranitidine) can result in unexplained health complications resulting in high costs and associated hazards.
  • Additional complainants are likely to emerge as news of the carcinogenic NDMA compound in ranitidine spreads around the world.

Talk to a Zantak cancer attorney who can tell you whether to join mass crime offenses or start your own case. Both routes have their respective advantages. For example, in a legal dispute, your legal team may work with other professionals to determine the possible cause and investigate the evidence. This method often reduces costs because the costs are shared between the plaintiffs. 

However, filing an independent lawsuit can give you more control over the litigation and compensation battles that cover your damages. You may have limited time to act depending on when you were diagnosed and how long you have been using Zantac. Talking to an attorney can determine the reasonable course of action for your claim and track your financial recovery needs.