What Is A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?

The CISO (chief information security officer) is an executive of the highest rank who is responsible for the development and implementation of a data security program that contains policies and procedures to secure the enterprise's communications, systems, and assets from external and internal threats.

The best security officer CISO could also collaborate with a Chief Information Officer to acquire cybersecurity services and products, and to oversee plans for disaster restoration as well as the business continuity plan.

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Chief Information Security Officer can also be called the chief architect of security, security manager as well as corporate security manager, or the manager of information security by the structure of the business and its existing titles.

CISO duties and roles

In addition to addressing security breaches, data breaches, and other incidents as well, the CISO is responsible for monitoring, anticipating, and managing emerging and new security threats. 

The CISO has to collaborate with other executives from different departments to ensure that security initiatives are aligned with larger business goals and reduce the risk different security threats could pose to the company's goals and mission.

CISO qualifications and certificates

A CISO is usually a competent manager and leader with a good knowledge of security and information technology and can communicate complex security concepts to technical as well as non-technical employees.

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