What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

Do you need braces but don't want the ugly metal wires and bands? Consider the alternatives offered by Invisalign. This modern treatment, which can treat a wide variety of dental and orthodontic conditions, does not include traditional metal braces.

The impressions will be drawn from your teeth, after which a computerized treatment plan will be developed. The results can give you a glimpse into your smile with teeth corrected and aligned, including the time frame for the healing process.

Benefits Of Invisalign

1. The equalizer is made of transparent plastic, almost invisible and out of sight in place.

2. Tolerable comfort and discomfort compared to metal clips.

3. The easy-to-use straightener is easy to put on or take off.

4. Easy maintenance as cleaning is required at least once a day.

5. Better oral hygiene because the device is removed during meals and teeth are brushed after eating.

6. Small cases of tooth decay during treatment.

7. The duration of treatment is shorter. The results showed an average correction time of 12 to 19 months.

8. Reduce irritation to the tongue and the inside of the mouth because it does not cause objects such as wires.

9. Can be removed for special occasions.

So, if you want to fix a smile without metal brackets, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about the benefits of Invisalign.