What are the Benefits of Getting a Grinder for Weed?

A weed grinder will help you break down your bud so you can easily smoke it. Whether you want to put it in a blunt, bong, or rolling paper, you’ll need to grind it down. Plus, a quality grinder will help you keep your cannabis and kief in one place so it doesn’t get wasted. If you are using a handheld vape or other vaporizers, you may not need a grinder for weed. 

How can you tell if a grinder is good for weed?

Make sure to buy a two-piece herb grinder (a 4-piece-grinder may be better though). If a company offers a warranty on their grinder, that may be a sign that it’s high-quality. Purchase a grinder that is made of high-grade aluminum or other quality metals. It should have sharp grinding teeth and a pollen screen to collect the kief.

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The first choice is to decide which material you prefer. Wood grinders usually feature handcrafted accents, making them eye-pleasing works of art.

On the other hand, going for an all-natural material like wood isn’t as strong as metal, especially without the magnet to secure the lid and grinding chamber together. A metal grinder tends to be a popular choice. Especially one with sharp teeth that can grind the cannabis to perfection.

As for plastic, don’t waste your time with these cheap time bombs because they’ll more than likely crack during the grinding process. Your best bet is to go with a high-quality metal option. Titanium, zinc alloy, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum grinder to be exact. 

Cannabis newbies may be concerned about metal shavings flaking off into their flower, but rest assured, American-designed grinders keep the safety of the consumer in mind. 

The next choice when shopping around for the best weed grinder is to consider the compartments. 4-piece grinders are considered the gold standard because of the kief-catching, or pollen catcher function.