Ways to Publish Your Book

A writer who wants to publish their book can choose between self-publishing or traditional mainstream publishing. There are many options for self-publishing. These include doing it all yourself or outsourcing your work to someone else.

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Self-publishing means that the author takes full ownership of the publication of their work and can choose from a variety of routes to print and distribute. The total outsourcing method is the most useful and least difficult way to self-publish.

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The writer contacts one of the many independent self-publishing companies that are almost entirely web-based and signs a contract whereby they hand over their work to the outsourcing company for a large sum. This can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The book’s cover design and page layout are completely left to professionals, with very little input from the author. The company is responsible for marketing and sales, as well as arranging distribution channels, publicity, and allocating ISBN registrations.

Many outsourcing companies offer book promotion via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. The author can receive royalties that are up to 80% of the net profit, which is usually higher than mainstream publishing. These contracts may require the author to buy hundreds of copies at his or her own expense.