The Value of Reusable, Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles

How many plastic water bottles are you using each day? If your answer is similar, then every day in Hawaii can add up to over 700 bottles per year for each individual. You can also find the best water bottle manufacture in Hawaii through

Even if all plastic bottles are recycled, each bottle still needs oil and other energy to be manufactured and transported. You can reduce the carbon footprint of the planet by switching to a reusable and environmentally-friendly bottle. More than half of Americans consume bottled water every day. 

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This has resulted in a tripling of the country's consumption of bottled water over the past 10 years. Individuals have many options to live a greener life. There are many options available for them to make reusable and recyclable beverages bottles that are durable, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Recently, concerns about Bisphenol-A caused polycarbonate water bottles in Canada to be removed from shelves. The U.S. seems to be following this same pattern. Water bottle manufacturers have started making bottles from different materials, or advertising bottles that are BPA-free. To replace outdated standards, consumers can choose from stainless steel and coated aluminum as well as Eastman Tritan (TM) and polypropylene water bottles.

Innovative SIGG Bottles, made from one piece of aluminum, are strong, durable, and crack-resistant. They can also be reusable and recycled. SIGG bottles feature a revolutionary interior lining, which is 100% resistant to leaching and resists residue buildup. SIGG water bottles can be washed easily and will not leave any residue behind. SIGG bottles have been rigorously tested in Europe and the USA to ensure that there is no leaching.

Camelbak converted their entire range of polycarbonate reusable water bottles to an Eastman Tritan material in 2008. This is 100% free from BPA. Camelbak water bottles come in nine colors and are available in three sizes: 0.75 liters, 1.0 liter and 0.50 liter. The innovative Camelbak Big Bite Valve ensures that this product is spill-proof and easy to use for active consumers. The bottle's valve allows continuous airflow into the bottle, ensuring that there is no vacuum effect.