The Important Decision of Choosing a Child Care Facility

If you are thinking about a daycare center, try to spend time with parents whose children live in the center and supervise the center closely. Also ask the following questions:

• Is there an open house policy for parents to visit the center at any time?

• On what public holidays are the facilities closed?

• What is the policy of the sick child care center?

• How are children observed in the play area? How reliable is the device and is it frequently checked for functionality?

• How do you group children? By age?

• Does the center accept children from different cultural, ethnic and religious origins in this program? Are there offers for children with special needs?

• What qualifications and training do teachers and other staff have?

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As you evaluate the answers to these questions, carefully consider how parenting, and philosophies of child discipline relate to your view of how children should be cared for and led on a daily basis.

Personally, do you feel that the person or program is reliable? Do you believe that your son or daughter will be safe and happy in such an environment, and will be able to get along, learn, and grow well in such an environment?

If none of the centers live up to your expectations, never settle for the best of the bad. Instead, continue your search based on your needs and consider asking your parents and colleagues for recommendations in the neighborhood.