The Importance of Gap Analysis and Validation Methodology

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world and cannot be ignored. This industry carries a large impact on every country in the world. The biggest and most recent example of its effect is the economic recession that has spread globally. I strongly recommend this paper to each and every individual working in this field so that they can get an idea of what gap analysis is and why it's important. Hire gap analysis experts at

Gap analysis basically provides the data required to support combining modern design and concurrent engineering best practices. The data also provides input for eliminating or minimizing key risks related to cost, time and quality. Design quality can be improved with the help of gap analysis by re-examining various assumptions that were violated in the product development process. In this way, the extra requirements are considered and appropriate actions may be taken to reduce total costs.

Gap Analysis is a vitally important tool in the Automotive Engineering industry when trying to improve a design. It isn't something that should be overlooked and should be used throughout the development stages to identify improvements and weaknesses in a design.

It's important to take the time to validate your design and identify if there are gaps that need to be addressed. While any kind of gap analysis will require a certain level of discipline, it's something you should be doing for every new project.