The Different Types Of Toilet Paper And Paper Hand Towels

Most people believe that there is only one type of toilet paper. While they may look similar, the various paper products available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online clean goods websites have certain things that set them apart such as size, weight, softness, and absorbency.

Standard toilet paper is the type of toilet paper you find in-home or office toilets and is usually packaged in 48 rolls in a box. 3-ply towels are commonly used in residential homes and 2-ply napkins are commonly used in commercial environments. You can learn more to buy amazing toilet paper for your home or commercial needs

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Jumbo toilet paper is usually seen in public restrooms and is packaged in eight sheets per carton. In the case of a two-ply jumbo, the roll is usually about 30 cm in diameter and about 300 m in the unfolded state. In the case of a single-ply jumbo, this doubles in the forward state up to 600 m.

The softness of toilet paper is usually proportional to the layer of paper. When we talk about layers of toilet paper, we talk about how many layers are there on the toilet paper. The two most common are single-layer and two-layered leaves.

Single-layer toilet paper has one layer, and double-layer toilet paper has two layers that are interconnected. The type of material that toilet paper is made of can also be a factor in softness. Some toilet paper uses finer paper to make the toilet paper softer. When paper is recycled, it is not as soft as the paper made from raw materials. Recycled toilet paper is significantly cheaper than the original and is becoming increasingly popular as it now places more emphasis on environmental sustainability.