The Benefits of Films for Automotive Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is an ultra-thin thermoplastic urethane film that is usually applied to the front of the leading painted surfaces of vehicles. 

The original application of this protective film was created for use by military personnel on helicopter rotors to shield the rotors from particles of sand; however, over time it has been extended to general aviation, race, and eventually consumer vehicles and electronic devices, like mobile phones. 

Paint Protection Film has been being used on privately owned vehicles for some time for good reason. There is various automotive paint shops panel store that has the solution for all kinds of your vehicle problems. 

From a maintenance point of view, PPF is an excellent option for every vehicle. Its clear coated films help maintain the finish of the paint as well as protect surfaces from bugs, stone dust, or damage as well as weathering. 


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In addition to ensuring that your car's paint is shielded from such scratches, the film will also allow the painting to naturally age and won't fade from long exposure to sunlight. 

Furthermore, you will be able to keep your car clean and maintained exactly the same way as before. The virtually invisible film can be cleaned and sprayed with wax just as other painted surfaces to keep the shine and high gloss you're used to.

The film is made up of ultraviolet stabilizers, which protect against discoloration or degradation of the product but still allow sunlight's rays to penetrate into the paint, so if you decide to take off the film, your vehicle is not two-toned and will not be "sunburned". In contrast to leather car front hoods or transparent shields made of plastic, the transparent films for protection are almost invisible.