Some Proper Etiquette To Follow While Wine Tasting In Canada

A wine tasting party is a great way to bring together friends, family and new acquaintances in a relaxed environment where people may share their love and knowledge of wine.

There are tasters around the world of all levels of professionalism. While I'm not a qualified professional taster, here are some guidelines on what to keep in mind when tasting. You can consider the best food and wine pairing course to become a wine expert.

Dress according to taste

Try to wear dark clothes when tasting as you will likely get them dirty. Avoid adding perfume as a courtesy to fellow tasters. The most important thing in wine tasting is your sense of smell; Make sure it's not masked by other scents unrelated to wine.

Before tasting

Always ask if the tasting includes a fee and ask for a tasting sheet. Guided tastings usually include a speaker to guide you through the wines, indicating the tasting order and what you should bring as a taster. If the speaker is a winemaker, always let the winemaker finish their story about the wine before you start tasting.

During tasting

While tasting, try to clear your mind of other thoughts, avoid looking at the label or its surroundings. Remember that first impressions last the longest. So close your eyes and let your sense of smell take over as you absorb your first scent.

While each glass should be approached in an open-minded manner, it's okay to state whether you like the wine you're tasting, but try to point out the downsides if possible by saying that you prefer a different wine because it has exactly the same character. .What is missing.