Some Facts About The Amazing Spiderman Comics

If you are a fan of Spiderman, the Spiderman comics make a great choice to begin reading. The hero is what makes this comic great. Spiderman is Peter Parker in the early Amazing Spiderman comics. He is a typical teenager, going to school and learning. 

Peter Parker was bitten by a spider. The spider bites Peter Parker again, giving him the ability to become a spider. Each spider's power is unique. Spider sense is his ability to alert him when danger is approaching. This is illustrated in the top Spiderman comics (also known as ‘bovenkant spiderman-strips’ in Dutch language) by placing some energy around his head. Spider agility is also his gift. 

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Spider agility gives Peter speed and balance. Peter can lift heavy objects and cars with his spider strength. Peter can stick to walls just like a spider. You would think that he could shoot webbing, but he cannot do it on his own in comics. He was a science student and created a web shooter. He wears the devices on his wrists, and loads them with web cartridges. 

He can create thin and thick webs by using a combination of pressure and touch. His webbing is used to tie up criminals or to move around the city. His webbing can sometimes run out so he must use refills to keep the web swinging. Spiderman stories are set in New York City.

Spiderman is a fantastic comic for those who enjoy this style of reading. There are many Spiderman comics, but the Ultimate Spiderman is the best. The story is the same as the original comic but it's retold to put Spiderman in the 21st century.