Roof Plumbing Works in Geelong

Roof plumbing is used to carry water, air, and other fluids up and down a roof. The most common type of roof plumbing is an exterior drain system.

Roof plumbing is important because it allows water to flow freely from the roof to the downspouts and gutters. When water pipes get clogged, it can cause flooding in your home or business. If your roof is not properly plumbed, rainwater can enter your home through the roof, creating potential moisture damage and structural issues. You can get the best roof plumbing services in Geelong at

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Here are a few common roof plumbing problems:

Leaks: One of the most common roof plumbing problems is leaks. Sometimes water will start leaking from the roofline due to a crack or missing piece.

Debris: Another common problem with roofs is debris build-up. This can occur when leaves, snow, or other objects fall off the roof and collect over time.

There are a few different types of roof plumbing systems: 

1. Gutter system: This type of plumbing system includes downspouts and gutters that lead water away from the roof. Gutters are typically sized to handle the amount of rainfall that is expected in a specific area.

2. Rain gutter system: This type of system includes downspouts and gutters that lead rainwater away from the roof. Rain gutter systems usually have a higher capacity than gutter systems and can handle more rainfall.

3. Flat roof drainage system: This type of system includes underground pipes that connect to downspouts and gutters on a flat roof. The pipes help direct rainwater away from the roof and towards the ground below.