Manufacturing Process Of Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is a protein that was originally made from collagen, a natural protein found in the tissues and ligaments of mammals. Gelatin's main characteristic is the ability to form transparent, strong gels that can be easily digested and dissolved in hot water.

Two basic types of capsules are available on the market: Soft Gelatin (One-Piece), and Hard Gelatin (2-Piece). It is used mainly in the pharmaceutical industry to make capsule shells. This article will help you to understand the pill manufacturing process.

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This Is A Short Manufacturing Process For Gelatin Capsules.

  • First, gelatin and hot demineralized water must be mixed under a vacuum. Then the solution is transferred into a stainless steel feed tank. To complete the gelatin preparation process, water and dyes are added to the solution in these tanks.

  • The capsules are then placed on pin bars that dip into the gelatin solution.

  • Thirdly, the pins are passed through an upper and lower industrial furnace, or oven where the air is gently moved, which controls temperature and humidity and removes moisture from the capsule halves.

  • After drying is complete, the pin bars are placed in the table section.

  • These shells can be trimmed to the desired length after being stripped of the pins.

  • Once all of the above steps are completed, the manufacturing process for gelatin capsules is complete.

  • The entire manufacturing process for Gelatin Capsules can be complex and requires a lot more attention than a company that is trusted.