Luxury Weighted Blankets for the Win Over Insomnia

Here we discuss in detail about luxury weighted blankets. Over 20% of those suffering from acute insomnia continue to have poor sleep for long periods of time, while some sufferers develop chronic insomnia. A weighted blanket could be a powerful ally as we battle insomnia night after night.

What's a weighted blanket – A weighted blanket is just as soft and cozy to the touch. You can choose from cotton, satin, or fleece. When you pick up a blanket, you will be able to feel the difference. They are heavy blankets that weigh between 7 and 25 pounds. 

Weighted Blankets

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They are filled with polyfill and beads. A blanket should weigh 10% of an adult's ideal body weight, but each individual will determine the weight.

Relief of anxiety – Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 million Americans. According to the medical community, this number is likely higher because many people don't seek treatment for their anxiety. 

Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of weighted blankets in a group of acutely psychiatric patients. They found that heavy blankets had a greater effect on anxiety levels. Common anxiety symptoms can be relieved by weighted blankets. 

A therapeutic blanket can be used to reduce anxiety symptoms such as fatigue, overstimulation, muscle tension, stress, excessive worry, and muscle tension. You can even search online for more information about luxury weighted blankets.