Know About The Difference Between A BBQ Grill And Barbecue Smoker in Australia

Barbecue is low- and medium-heat cooking (for instance, pulled pork, beef, and tender and juicy pork ribs). BBQ is a method of cooking meat with wood over a low flame to maintain optimum internal temperature and to preserve moisture. Tenderness is a result of large cuts of meat. 

Indirect-style BBQ grills can be used in some instances. These include the well-known "tank-style" BBQ smokers. This is different from the more popular direct-style barbecue smokers.

A large offset smoker could prove difficult to justify for someone living in an apartment. This is due to a shortage of wood supply and a lack of inside storage space when the cooker's not being used. A single-family home with storage space or a shed for a few classes is more likely to have an offset smoker than someone who lives in an apartment. You can buy offset smokers in Australia at

Offset Smokers

The cost of offset cookers can range from the basic $200-hardware store-funded conscious model to the more expensive top-of-the-line pits created by master pit builders. This can quickly make them very expensive. 

Many factors influence the decision of which smoker to buy.

  • The accessibility of wood and the cost to purchase timber vs. accessibility of charcoal.
  • Budget.
  • Experience.

Good-quality smokers can be used to make a great barbecue.