Information About The Standard Airworthiness Certification

Standard air certification is the most common type of air approval given by the FAA. FAA requires standard air certification so that the aircraft will be operated. After the certification is complete, the FAA will issue a certificate.

The basic requirements described by federal flight regulations for standard air certification can be found here: far 21,183. This regulation requires all aircraft; Aircraft imported from foreign countries, and new aircraft produced to meet the criteria described here. You can choose the best initial certificate of airworthiness for your aircraft registry.

Who has the last responsibility to approve the certificate? FAA Designs is assigned to determine whether the aircraft meets the requirements for standard air certification. Maintenance notes will be reviewed and aircraft inspections will be made to make the final decision.

Certification procedure

1. Register the plane by filling out the aircraft registration application, AC Form 8050-1. Send the form to the FAA registration branch located in the city of Oklahoma, Oklahoma. A hard copy must be obtained from the FAA Standard Standard District Office. This form is not available for download online.

2. Following registration, you must fill out the application form (FAA Form 8130-6). Both registered owners of aircraft or agents must complete the standard air certification application. This application is available online along with special instructions for completion.

3. After standard air certification has been issued, you must diligently maintain the current and detailed records of each and all the maintenance carried out on the plane.