Indications Your Commercial Deep Fryer Needs Repair

A wide variety of foods can be prepared using commercial deep fryers. There are many types available. The right one for you will depend on your preferences and the power source. They can become less efficient over time due to high levels of deep-frying.

To protect your business' productivity, it is important to be able to recognize early warning signs and quickly respond to them. Here are some warning signs that your commercial deep-fryer may need to be repaired.

1. Broken Thermostat

Overheating deep fryers can cause oil to burn and lead to fires. If your employees notice a problem with the oil temperature or a broken thermostat, it is important to call professionals immediately. In case of difficulty, you can also contact BilbyGroup for commercial fryers repairs.

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To control the heat, deep fryer manufacturers include a thermostat. The oil temperature can't be raised or decreased excessively. Your deep fryer cannot adjust the heating element if the thermostat is damaged. Oil temperature can be too high or too low, which could cause food to overcook or burn.

2. Pilot Light Faulty

A pilot light is an important part of a deep fryer. It ignites the gas that heats the oil. This eliminates the need for employees to manually light the burners. If the pilot light goes out, the deep fryer will not start and can delay your operation.

3. Broken Oil Filter

Deep fryers often collect food debris that can cause problems with the food's quality. They have an oil filter to get rid of food debris and keep the oil clean. This allows oil to flow freely in the equipment.

Commercial deep fryers are a primary piece of equipment for restaurants and other establishments. To keep your business running smoothly, it is essential to have reliable equipment.