How to Care for Fabrics

Fabric is a beautiful, flexible, affordable, and cost-effective element of design, which is often used in modern homes. However, the variety of fabrics used in the design is difficult to give generally the best practices for cleaning and maintenance of the fabric. Different fabrics perform differently depending on the climate and all fabrics have their own cleaning needs. 

But, maintaining your fabric's design will ensure they keep their beauty and longevity for the long haul. For that, you can get the services of the fabric guard and leather protection at JRS Auto Detailing. Although this article is intended only as a short guide, you will get some good tips on taking care of your fabric.

Normal Care

The most common causes of soiling include smoke from fires, cigarettes, or accidental spills. Although most of these reasons can be avoided (or at least reduced) however, the majority of fabrics get dirty as time passes. Therefore, it is important to be sure to vacuum regularly fabrics, such as curtains, drapes, upholstery, and carpets.


Along with vacuuming, the majority of fabrics must be washed on a frequent routine, as often as it is possible. Many fabrics can be machine washed and even smaller objects can be cleaned at your home. It is recommended to wash your fabrics in a regular manner instead of waiting for severe stains or soiling to develop. 

Light Speed

Every fabric will eventually fade due to exposure to light. Even though many printed or dyed patterns are created to resist fade, it is advised to line blinds and curtains to avoid the fabric from fading.