How Can Visual AI Boost An E-commerce Store’s ROI?

The style industry is always evolving and adapting to the ways they use AI.

Manually coded products are costly and time-consuming, as well as have an increased risk of human errors. With the pace of the latest fashion-related product launches and demand from the market, it's not feasible to go on this path. Visual AI technology is able to draw characteristics of images like color category fashion, style, pattern, length, shape, and size.

This feature does not just give fashion stores selling online the capacity to expand and reduce costs but also eliminates unnecessary search results, recommendations, and incorrect categorization of catalogs that can lead to loss of sales and frustration for customers. You can also check to know how AI is beneficial for the fashion industry.

AI-driven fashion tags may improve conversion rates by:

1) Enhancing the discovery of products on- and off-site through providing more precise search results and improving SEO.

2) The average order size can be increased by improving the recommendation engine, which can lead to larger basket sizes and lower abandonment of carts.

3) Enhanced personalization through relevant attributes that influence the way to purchase in accordance with the preferences of customers.

4) Better inventory management as AI tags can spot the most popular and trending products in the considerable detailed data, and provide information that purchasing managers can utilize to make better choices.

Artificial Intelligence improves the online and in-store shopping experience as it is able to sort through catalogs to find items that are a good match for the consumer's preferences like a great assistant in a store.

This technology creates the impression that the store is aware of its style and requirements.