Everything About Military Grade Gas Mask

People were encouraged to wear gas masks for 15 minutes a day to familiarize themselves with the experience of war. The government has threatened to fine people who do not wear gas masks. 

However, the law was never final to make it illegal. The government put up posters that read: "Hitler will not send warnings – so always wear a gas mask." You can also visit www.gasmaskpro.com/gas-masks to buy the best military grade gas mask.

protective mask

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Government advertisements appeared in newspapers urging people to wear gas masks at all times. Special military gas masks were developed as a protective device for the armed forces during the war. 

Teachers have been instructed to send the children home to retrieve their masks in case they forget. In restaurants or entertainment venues, registrations for customers without survival gear are sometimes denied.

John Lewis, the department store, reminded employees that "those who arrive without gas masks should not be surprised if they are fired for being unfit during the war". Gas masks are not easy or comfortable to wear. 

The smell of rubber gas and disinfectant makes many people nauseous. One child wrote: "Even though I can breathe in it. I have a feeling I can't. It seems impossible for enough air to flow through the filter.