Environmental Consultants Speed Up The Nepa Process

The National Environmental Policy Act requires federal agencies to undertake an environmental assessment of the impact of their actions before moving forward with a variety of projects. 

The law also requires a number of non-governmental agencies working with the government to study the impact of their actions, as well as hiring experienced environmental health and safety consultants who can provide in-depth NEPA reports.

Law of the Land

NEPA became law in 1970 and was the first of many important environmental laws of the federal government, setting the tone for many subsequent laws. NEPA requires federal agencies to conduct assessments of proposed actions to determine how they would impact the environment. 

Different actions covered by NEPA are broad and include land management actions, construction of highways and other facilities, and the issuance of permits.

Public and private agencies frequently work in conjunction with the environmental health and safety experts to get NEPA assessments.These third parties provide expertise in determining how a project may impact the wide variety of factors that NEPA requires agencies to consider before moving forward with a project.

A third-party contractor can determine whether activities are categorically excluded from NEPA oversight. This is a favorable outcome in the NEPA process, as it means that proposed actions do not fall under NEPA's oversight, and work can begin.

Rigorous Analysis

If the project is not completely exempt from NEPA supervision A third-party consultant may perform an environmental assessment to assess the effect of the proposed action. 

Consultants will determine a proposed action's impact on habitats and endangered species, wetlands, and a variety of other environmental issues. 

Quite a bit of scientific analysis goes into this work, making it absolutely necessary to hire environmental health and safety consultants with significant experience in NEPA assessments.