Effective Ways To Treat Hammertoes In Towson

In normal situations, your toes are stretching forward, with the natural curve of sliding. However, with hammer toes, your toes are to be in an unnatural position which closely resembles a hammer toe and hence the name. This is due to hammertoes causing an inclination on the fourth and second joints making them appear to be crooked.

Hammer's toes are most frequently than not the result of unsuitable footwear or shoes with tight toe boxes that press on the toes, causing the toes to extend in an ugly way. Although they can cause no discomfort at first, however, putting off the treatment for hammertoes will certainly cause pain and discomfort in the near future. However, you may consult the best podiatrist clinic in Towson, MD for better treatment.

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The positive side is that hammertoes can be treated with non-surgical techniques which use simple methods to deal with this problem. Change of footwear One of the most effective methods of correcting the hammertoe is to choose shoes that provide more wiggle space for your toes.

Alongside looking for bigger toe boxes, ensure that you wear shoes that have adequate arch support, which will provide greater protection to your feet. If you are a fan of high heels, you should limit yourself to heels of 2 inches that don't put too much pressure or tension on your feet.