Contact The Leader To Learn Yoga Retreat

From the location of the retreat, the next important training element is who is teaching. Who will show you through the door of your guest house. At best, it is safe to say that when a professional body certifies a teacher, you have no reason to doubt his practice and abilities. 

However, everyone's teaching style is unique and every yoga system is different. Search the internet for their restorative yoga virtually, find their website, and if possible, take their course. Get feedback and read their students' recommendations. 

Where have the retreats taken so far? And most importantly, find a teacher whose style of practice and yoga system fits your needs. But how does one do it? There can't be so many traditions in yoga.

There is Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga etc. The list goes on and the practitioner can choose the most suitable retreat, it is recommended to have basic knowledge and experience in this. Bring a suitable yoga system.

For example, you want to work alone. You want to physically sweat, exert, push and hold your entire body – muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and everything – then open the door to Ashtanga's energetic workout. Or say that you are looking for calm and serenity, long recovery poses – then do yin yoga. The options are as varied as the thoughts in your head.

Ideally, if you know the teacher you signed up for to spend the week with. Furthermore, it is best if you at least know that you like the style of yoga they teach.