Causes And Useful Treatment Of Back Pain In Honolulu

Back Pain – Undoubtedly, one of mankind's commonest and most nagging complaints takes up more visits to the hospital in various parts of the world than any other orthopedic issue. Studies reveal staggering statistics – nine out of ten adults suffer back pain at some point in their lives or other.

Most adults attacked by a bout of back pain find it difficult to assess the severity of the pain and find it hard to decide when or if they need to visit the doctor. Usually, it is a good idea to visit the clinic of a back pain expert in Honolulu if the back pain persists for more than a few days or if it is severe enough to keep you awake at night.

Treatment for back pain will depend mostly on the cause of the pain and the underlying condition causing it, but also in some cases on the age and medical history of the patient. 

Treatments for back pain will range from the basic non-surgical treatment such as heat or ice applications, rest, exercise, and medications; or they may go on to the more radical spine surgery.

Back pain may be of the chronic or the acute type; it might be a constant problem or might appear and disappear intermittently. The pain may be strong and crippling or might be of the dull variety, though some people are even known to report burning or piercing sensations.

The causes of back pain are many. The commonest cause is lumbar muscle sprain. This kind of back pain is usually impermanent and easy to treat. Back pain can get more serious if the patient has a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or lumbar spine arthritis. Still, major causes of back pain stem from a condition known as spondylolisthesis or even osteoporosis.