Buying Blinds: What You Need To Know

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Buying blinds for your home can be an exciting prospect yet daunting at the same time. Where to start and all that is involved in accomplishing this task is difficult if you don’t know what to do and when. 

photo of a room with blinds

Keep reading below to learn more about what is involved to provide you with the know-how to achieve the illustrious blind project in your home.

Before starting any blind project you need to know your measurements and quantities. To do this, be sure to measure each window properly. It is recommended that you take two sets of measurements. Set one is all done inside the frame and is the length, width and depth of the window and frame. The second lot of measurements is outside of the window frame, taken from the same distance on each side of the window frame (5cm, for example), and is the width and height of the window.

Now you can start looking at blinds that you are interested in. Be sure to consider the room you are wanting the blinds in, the décor of those rooms, how much light control and privacy you want. From there you can select colour swatches that suit your taste and room furnishings.

The blinds selected will determine the price as well as the mode of operation. Motorised is more convenient but manual is significantly cheaper – manual are also easier to install and have lower labour costs.

Lastly, determine if you are going to install them yourself or get a reputable company or handyman to do the work for you. This decision will also impact the cost.

As you can see there are several significant decisions to be made when selecting blinds for your home. To be sure they are the best fit, be sure to take accurate measurements and quantities when considering the types of blinds and modes of operation.