Business Cards – Presenting Your Image to the World

Business cards are an important tool in your marketing plan. Here are some tips on how to use them to your advantage in the marketplace.

Decide on a design that makes a card stand out.

A business card makes the first impression and reflects your business to the world. It is a marketing tool and a way to network with business partners and potential customers.If you want order Custom Shaped Metal Business Cards, visit Pure Metal Cards.

Make sure the font type and size used are easy to read. Ask yourself: "What impression do I want to make?"

Examples: bold colors, images, prominent logo, use of a card in a different way.

A business card is just that, a business card.

Use the KISS principle: keep it simple, smart … Many companies use card scanners to import their information into their database. If the scanner cannot read your card, entering the data manually could lead to errors and lost business opportunities.

A business card is an investment in your business.

You will impress potential customers with the use of higher-quality cardstock with a glossy finish or elegant print. These extra details may cost more, but the message you send to your clients will be worth it: look professional to be successful.

A business card has two sides – use them.

Use the front to introduce yourself. Use the back to expand it. You can include areas of expertise, special incentives, or helpful information to encourage people to keep their cards. Examples:

Specialization: We buy all types of properties: single-family, mobile homes, commercial.

Special incentive: 5% discount on your purchase when you show this card.

Useful information: tip table, calendar, game schedule, etc.

Consider getting a smartphone app, which allows you to scan cards and allows you to send your card to other smartphone users.

When you receive a business card, write a note about where you got it and put it into your database right away. Make it a point to follow up as soon as possible.


Business cards are very effective when they are designed and used correctly.