All About Sulfite-Free Organic Wines

There are wines available in a range of varieties as well as organic ones are among the kind that is receiving increasingly more interest in recent times. Organic wines are made using grapes that are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or fungicides. In vineyards that encourage biodiversity, the vines are cultivated using the living soil i.e. soil that is populated with bacteria and worms that help to extract the highest amount of minerals out of the soil. 

The wines that are produced in soil that is living have good resistance to diseases. Biodiversity is also an appealing landscape. Organic farming is conducted without the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or any radiation that is ionizing. You can also get natural wine at with no-sulfite organic wine.



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Before declaring a farm organic, the government inspects the farms and ensures that the farming practices of the farmers are in line with the standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Organic Wines Can Be Classified Into Four Kinds:

  • 100% organic: Made with organically grown grapes, and are free of added sulfites.

  • Made from organic ingredients They contain a minimum of 70% organically grown grapes. It could also contain sulfur.

  • Organic: They are made up of at least 95% ingredients from sources that are certified.

  • Some organic ingredients: Thus, prior to purchasing organic wine, one should be aware of the differences between the four different categories of organic wines.

The wine made using organically grown grapes that provide information regarding its certifying organization is marked as organic and labeled by the  Agriculture Department as an organic wine. The wine is not contaminated with any added sulfites, but may be made up of natural sulfites that are lower than 20 parts per million. Sulfite is a preservative for wine that is also called sulfur dioxide. Sulfite is an antioxidant and also has antimicrobial properties.