All About Rehabilitation And Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy seem to go hand in hand because physiotherapy offers many options for healing. Often, rehabilitation for injuries may need less than the conventional approach. For instance, one patient's recovery from back surgery could require a different type of treatment program than another's.

"Rehabilitation" as a term in physical medicine means the improvement and recovery of functional capability and the quality of life following an injury or other cause, of limitation or impairment. 

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Amputee Rehabilitation - Spaulding Rehab

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Rehabilitation may be required after stroke, surgery, or any other life-threatening events, typically rehabilitation is needed after minor injuries like injuries sustained during sports activities or in everyday life. For instance, the process of healing over the course of eight weeks of a wrist injury caused by a fall onto the ice could be considered to be rehabilitation.

What is the role of a physiotherapist?

If you are seeking the help of a physiotherapist in your rehabilitation, they'll first ask for details about your condition along with details regarding your areas of concern. They will assess your health condition and identify you in order to establish the best treatment option for you.

The physiotherapist will collaborate with you to assist you to comprehend the root of your illness and how rehabilitation can benefit you. Additionally, they'll develop an approach to treatment that is customized to your specific requirements. 

The treatment will take place in the clinic and be taught proper techniques for self-care out of the clinic and also so that you can heal quicker and more efficiently and eventually become the master of your recovery.