A Look at the Charlotte’s Primary Care Physician Role

The primary care physician (or PCP), is the most frequently consulted physician in America. They are responsible for providing the best care possible. A primary care doctor is a physician who has completed postgraduate training in either family medicine, internal medicine or obstetrics, and gynecological.

The direct primary care doctors postgraduate training in one or more fields prepares him or her to manage the patient's care. The typical PCP stays in residency for 3 years after graduating from medical school. After completing residency, the doctor will be able to treat many types of patients and a wide range of diseases.

After completing the training, primary care physicians typically work in private practices or hospitals. The office hours are generally scheduled and the call duties for private practice are typically delegated to the participating doctors. The PCP will split their time between hospital rounds and patient appointments.

This time is usually spent diagnosing, administering, evaluating, and prescribing medication. Preventative care and routine diagnostics such as blood or urine testing are the responsibility of the primary care physician. Although it is not common for PCPs to deal with emergencies, they are often responsible for following up on patients in recovery from serious conditions and setting a long-term treatment plan.